What better way to celebrate a bissextile year than by attending a sexed up party at one of the most innovative arts festival out there? Feast your eyes, ears and tongues on a whole spectrum of gender subversion at a party that's leaps and bounds ahead of any other thanks to party thrower extraordinaires, Denim, and yours truly at VAULT Festival!

Renowned for throwing avant-garde parties interspersed with live performance, Denim are all about the celebration of individuality. Sure, they're often joined on stage by their network of cutting edge drag kings and queens but they're not strictly LGBT because their parties are open to anyone who wants to celebrate gender nonconformism.

As well as singing comedic covers, jazz, hip-hop, pop, musical theatre, rock, original material, and much much more, they're also known for being joined on stage by guest singers (most recently Florence Welch) along with Voguers, performance artists, and everything in between! Starting to believe us when we say that extra night will be unlike any other? You should be!

Tickets to this extra-special, one off (in a big way) party at VAULT Festival are limited, but as it's our shindig we've got the lot! Get yours now to make sure that extra night of the year is the best night of the year.