• The Museum of Comedy (map)
  • The Undercroft, St Georges Church
  • Bloomsbury Way, London
  • WC1A 2SR

Tickets available here: https://museumofcomedy.ticketsolve.com/shows/873570399

Between them, the Denim Queens – Glamrou La Denim, Aphrodite Greene, Crystal Vaginova, Electra Cute & Shirley De Naughty - have survived it all. Divorces, The Titanic, Space Travel, The Bolshevik Revolution – the list is quite literally infinite. But what keeps them together is the strongest of friendships that never diminishes. And it is through the joy of music and comedy that they spread their message of self-love and solidarity. 

“I think they are called Denim.” Kate Moss.
 “DENIM STEAL THE SHOW.” Evening Standard
 “London’s hottest new girl band.” VICE