Aphrodite Greene, née Jones, doesn't remember where she was born. But, with faint shell-encrusted memories of being washed up on the shores of Los Angeles at a young age, she remembers her later childhood fondly. Taken in by a Jesuit orphanage, she grew up on a healthy diet of prayer, beach volleyball and Gregorian chant - all of which continue to inspire her acclaimed performances today. 

Aphs was soon spotted in LA, famous on the gigging circuit for her smooth, bass tones. Alongside a blossoming music career, she found time to understudy Meryl Streep in many of her early performances. In her early 20s, she met media tycoon Jay Jameson after mass on a hot July Sunday, and they were married by the fall. She quickly became a proud Volvo carpool mother of six strapping, hockey champion sons. But Jay's numerous affairs sent Aphs into a spiral of destructive addiction and shoplifting. She fled the country for some alone time in rehab, where she met Glamrou and…She's never looked back. DENIM has been her life ever since- though she's still a devoted mother, and has been divorced a few more times.

Voted 47th sexiest woman in the world by Deliveroo, she's been sober for over a year now.