Teen-Rebel Electra Cute is the treasurer for the South-West London branch of the Marxist society. They meet in her dad’s basement swimming pool in Knightsbridge. It’s heated.                  

Politics has always been a huge part of her life: she was “instrumental” in the Occupy movement without attending a single event. She also took inspiration from Lenin and organised a “bed-in” at her 4-storey Soho pied-de-terre in protest against gentrification. Her icons are Russell Brand, the “raddest” politician of our age, and Jodie Foster for being out in an industry that’s “riddled with hierarchical and patriarchal bullshit which I hate.” 

At 16, Electra was expelled from a highly prestigious Catholic girls’ school after being caught with Sister Sylvie in the Lady Chapel. She packed her measly belongings - four vans worth - and headed to the big smoke to “change shit up”. There, after a heavy night of WKDs, she woke up a sleeping Glamrou by belting out Nickelback at 4 in the morning on the Walworth Road. Electra was instantly snapped up by the world famous super-group Denim and has never looked back. Despite her inordinate wealth, the Denims are the first people in her life she has confidently considered to be her friends.