Blonde bombshell. Girl next door. Fleshy, all devouring, rancid slug. There are so many faces to the global sweetheart that is: Shirley Du-Naughty. At the tender age of 16, Du-Naughty was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for her extensive field work in training the last of the Swiss Debutantes. After her win, Shirley went on an infamous killing spree and was dubbed by Chat Mag as the ‘Cupcake Killer’.

But those halcyon days of unbridled ecstasy are far behind the French-Canadian-Texan songstress. Now Shirley practices celibacy and clean eating in order to maintain the youthful glow of her right foot - she was recently proclaimed ‘The World’s Most Prolific and Influential Right Foot Kitten Heel Model’ (Vogue Magazine) - a title she doesn't plan to lose anytime soon.

A plucky Southern belle, Shirls may, at times, allow her ‘get up and go’ attitude to get the better of her and (on multiple occasions) has been caught plotting the savage demise of her fellow queens. But she knows that’s just the black slug talking and that she would be nowhere without her girls keeping her (in her words) ‘happier than a moth in a mitten!’ Sponsorships include Coca-Cola, Bentley Motors, Nestle, BP Oil and Dioralyte.