"I think they're called DENIM." Kate Moss.
"Denim Steal the show." Evening Standard
"A hysterical cabaret musical." VOGUE
"London's hottest new girl band." VICE

The DENIMS have been celebrated by several cultural figures. Faithful attendees include Simon Amstell and Keira Knightly. Ian Mckellen has sent some photos of himself in drag in celebration of the event and performance, and Stephen Fry has even tweeted that the DENIM drag troupe are “fighting bigotry.” 

The DENIMS have also been reported in by Noisey Magazine, Wonderland, Vogue, The Gay Times,  Theatre & Performance, Tatler, Run Riot MagazineThe Evening Standard, The MancunionVarsity, The LGBTQArts ReviewTime Out, Ladybeard, Attitude Magazine and other Publications. 


NewNowNext, LOGO TV"UK Drag Supergroup Denim Is The Queer Spice Girls We Never Knew We Needed."

5* THE SCOTSMAN"This is a fabulous show. Denim are a quintet of queens with voices as true as their wigs are fake. They are knowing, they are funny and they take songs you love and turn them into songs you love even more."

5* ENTERTAINMENT FOCUS -  "Confronted with glamour, exceptional vocals and beautiful harmonies, the real magic of this show is its intelligent composition and conclusion. We live in a world where we can no longer ignore the many adversities with which we are now confronted. Behind the music, production and make-up lies a political power pop band making a stand with a rallying battle cry for love, tolerance and inclusion. Sisters and brothers, let’s get in formation."

4* THE LIST"These queens can really sing: pitch-perfect harmonies mixed with deliberately over-the-top earnestness in an on-point imitation of pop stars throughout the ages."

4* FEST MAG -  "If the arches of the Underbelly had roofs they would surely tear them off." 

4* BROADWAY BABY - "Denim does what a great drag should do: it subverts expectations. This Spice Girls-esque band is glamorous and intelligent, performing drag tropes in entirely new and creative ways, delivering show-stopping numbers and witty one liners again and again."

4* ED FEST - "From the first moment the drag super-group came onto the stage they mesmerised the audience with their charisma and talent. The group went on to prove that they were a triple threat, enthralling the audience with their coordinated dancing and phenomenal voices."