Glamrou La Denim’s extensive life-story can be read in her critically acclaimed, best selling autobiography tome trilogy – PART 1: Glamrou - From Hijabs to Hollywood; PART 2 - Glamrou: From Quran to Queen, and of course, PART 3: Glamrou: From Burkas to Bikinis (“and nothing in between” as altered for the French translation).

Glamrou had a happy childhood in Baghdad, and fell in with how Middle-Eastern women presented themselves – attending weddings and birthdays in designer bliss, with scientifically applied contouring methods now stolen by Kim Kardashian (the court case between Glamrou’s mother and the Kardashians is currently on it’s 93rd appeal). But growing conflicts in Iraq, and the rejection from her Muslim elders for belly dancing in a mosque, meant Glamrou was forced to leave her life behind to start one in London. And thus she ditched her bedsit in Baghdad for a bedsit in Walthamstow, only bringing with her Mufasa - her one-eyed pet Armadillo – and her renowned talent for scat jazz singing.

Life in London hasn’t always been easy for Glamrou – from being searched 47 times at Specsavers for accusations of terrorism, to performing enemas as a part-time career – she was saved by meeting the other 4 Denim Queens through the power of song. And now she has the family she always dreamed of.